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About Optimum Training Center - Mathew & Tanya Burke
A brief history of the training center and the owners Mathew and Tanya Burke

Arabian & Half-Arabian Horses for Sale - Training Center and Client Sales List of Arabian and Half-Arabian Horses

Highlights of recent achievements in the barn.

Optimum Training Center List of Services Provided
Includes Performance and Halter Training, Showing, Boarding, Lessons Body Clipping and Transportation charges.

Stallions standing at Stud
Includes stallions available to the public for breeding.

Links to related Sites
Includes links to related and useful site for the Arabian and Half-Arabian enthusiast

Contact the trainers

Optimum Training Center
Mathew and Tanya Burke
Mailing - 108 Devons Cove
Farm - 207 Bridges Lane,
Buda, Texas 78610
(512) 801-2514 - Tanya / (512) 801-2515 - Matt

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